Breakthrough Medicines by Rational Design

At our core we are a Discovery engine.

We translate frontier research on newly discovered drug targets, into preclinical therapeutics.

Infectious diseases

Immunology & Oncology

Our Approach

We are discovering and developing small molecule therapeutics that demonstrate target engagement and deliver lasting disease-modifying effects.

We focus on novel disease targets, with validated clinical relevance, that fit our discovery paradigm. This offers an unmatched promise of revolutionizing the standard of care.

We lead by merging cell and structure-based data with information-driven strategies, to build a cutting-edge drug discovery engine.

We harness advanced biostructural, biochemical, and biophysical technologies to design first-in-class therapeutics against clinically relevant drug targets.

Rational Design and Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Collaborative, smart and passionate team. We persevere to navigate the uncharted drug discovery landscape.


Pledge Therapeutics, a global biopharmaceutical company with footprints in the USA and the EU. We have created an effective platform to tailor novel and clinical relevant compounds, targeting the most challenging aspects in the antiviral and immuno-oncology fields.


Gaston Geenslaan 1
3001 Leuven Belgium



45 Dan Rd., Ste. 382
Canton, MA 02021 USA